Monthly Archives: November 2017

Growth on point! 

Yes! Yesterday we had our 8 wk 2 day scan and we saw the little one’s head and limb buds. Heartbeat stands at 177 which is about 7 bpm higher than my first baby at this stage.  CRL is a little shorter at 18mm compared to the 20mm for the first.  

I’ve been suffering with nausea and gastric issues.  No surprises here.  These were the same issues I had to battle last year. My doctor gave me a new pack of anti nausea pills to try and that has kept me feeling less sick for now. I don’t know how long this will keep the nausea at bay though.  

Oh and the hunger pangs really kill when they strike.  And I’ve been throwing up burning acid as well so trying to take some antacids. 

We’re in the midst of preparing for my little one’s first birthday celebrations so I’m trying to keep up with as many things as possible.  I think people will know that I’m expecting because I keep placing my hand on my tummy? I think it’s a habit from the previous pregnancy?  Or to warn others to not bump into me accidentally and give me way?  I don’t know.  It seems like an auto reflex and I’m trying to stop it.  

That’s all I have for now!  😊


First ultrasound! 

Yes! At 6 wks 2 days and baby’s crl stands at 5.7mm and heartbeat is at 114bpm. This is a comparable statistic to my first born.  Baby’s implanted deep in the back of the uterus just like my first one.  So everything seems stable for now!  The next appt would be in 2 weeks time. 

As usual.. the nausea persists.. and I’m constipated too. Ugh. 

Nausea kicks in

Yes that’s right.  I’m at the 6 week mark now,  ultrasound in another 2 days to look for a sac, fetal pole and hopefully a heartbeat (or 2, like who knows right?) and I’m hit with waves of nausea even when I’m sleeping.  I’ve been feeling sick and nauseous for 2 or 3 whole days.  Starting to hate the smell of onions when they are sauteed. And I’ve started hunting for ways to relieve the nausea.  If I had it my way,  I would have chosen to try for the next child a year later.  But infertility is a bit** and leaves me with very little choice. I feel like some precious time is taken away from my little one when I’m feeling sick etc but I’m off work so it kind of balances out in some way I  guess? 

Baby and daddy went out to get me some breakfast. I’ve been keeping myself busy preparing for my son’s 1st birthday celebrations and other events.  Trying to not think too much about Friday’s scan!

5 wks 2 days

So.. I can’t wait to have the first scan next Friday. Thing is,  I don’t feel pregnant at all. My b***** are sore, my lips are especially dry, I still get cramps now and then  something I noticed was  also present in my previous pregnancy was the sharp pain at the ovaries whenever I sneezed.  

Otherwise I feel fine!  I’m happy about the situation as long as the pregnancy is progressing as it should.  

I feel happy being away from work and being able to spend time with baby and hubby.  😊😊😊 really grateful for that! 


I took a digital 1 day earlier than the last time and YES I got my 3+ weeks! So this hopefully means the doubling time is right on track? 

I’m hoping this means we will get to see the baby’s or babies ‘ heartbeat(s) next Friday!

I said ‘babies’ because we found out on our bill that assisted hatching was done on the embryo.  I mean.  We weren’t told that that procedure was performed on the embryo at all.  I wonder why they had to do that on a 5AA embryo.  I didn’t see this reflected in the bill for my son before.  Hmmm. 

Well. With ivf, we have to be ready for any kind of shock or surprise I guess.  The previous time my nurse said I was sure to be carrying identicals due to the sky high hcg levels – I had 1 healthy baby boy.  This time round she said the hcg level is in the normal range and hence it’s likely to be a singleton girl. 

The time taken to get the 3+ on the clearblue appears to be the same though.  Hmmm. 

What’s different this time round?  I had a few mild bouts of uneasiness and heartburn and that’s it – no nausea (hopefully NOT AT ALL). I still have cramps when I sleep.   No bleeding (thankfully). I’m hoping this will be a waaay more pleasant pregnancy compared to last year.  

I think my career has taken quite a significant hit. But I  do think it’s a necessary sacrifice. I can always rebuild my career later when my lids are more independent.  Now, I want to be able to spend as much quality time with my son and build my family.  So I am leaning on my husband to succeed in his career – I want him to be successful no matter what but it must seems more crucial now that mine is taking a hit.  

I have to admit that I feel a little upset about this but I also feel that I’ve to get my priorities right. We’ve gone through so much to build our family and that needs to be our priority. I just don’t want to take that for granted at all.  
So yes. I’ve to keep reminding myself of this whenever I feel like I’m getting behind at work.