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No long walks…

I tried talking a walk to the playground yesterday with my husband and son. And I failed miserably. I could feel the strain from my bump and had to rest several times along the way. Came back home, threw up and then was able to eat something. Took me a whole damn day to feel better though.

I wanted to make a trip to a kid’s store to get shoes for my son but had to cancel on that. I’ve to be so very careful now I think.

Managed to get out a little for dinner today. No walking though so I was fine I think?

I’m hoping to watch the avengers movie on Friday. I’m hoping to survive the duration of the movie?

Gotta check my blood sugar levels this weekend on 2 consecutive days. I don’t wish to get insulin jabs. I’m praying I’ll pass..


29 weeks

Yes I’m back here primarily because I’ve been signed off work.

This pregnancy has been quite different compared to my first. No nausea and I’ve been eating happily without restraint. We went for the glucose testat 28 weeks and I failed it. Cue in the the disbelief and shock when I had to go for the gestational diabetes counselling and given a huge list of things I can’t eat till I deliver this baby.

Just 2 days shy of 29 weeks, I went to work as usual. With the usual amount of panting that came along with all the short walks. I felt a little off that day but didn’t take much notice of it. I had a few braxton hicks here and there and that was it. Went home, had some food and had two sharp stitch like pains that refused to subside and made me unable to move. And the braxton hicks came on more intense and refused to go away. Thankfully my mom came back home with my son and we decided to make a trip to the hospital to just get it checked. My husband came to the hospital straight from work.

I was brought to the labour ward and gave a urine sample. My gynae was alerted and they strapped my tummy with 2 devices to monitor the baby and the contractions. We were just thinking that they were false contractions and that I’d probably get sent back home with a day or 2 of medical leave.

But we were so so wrong. They appeared to be real contractions and came on very frequently. And I was started on the pre term labour protocol. I started panicking when my doctor said that he was going to administer steroid jabs to help the baby’s lungs mature in case I had to deliver the baby in the event the contractions got worse.

It was extremely overwhelming. I was made to take quite a number of pills and I had to be kept overnight to be monitored. That was 2 nights.

Thankfully the contractions eased off and baby is fine. I’ve been given a month of hospitalization leave and have to continue taking the meds to keep the contractions at bay. So no more work for me.

We need to keep the baby cooking for at least another 6 weeks. 9 weeks will be best. So I’ve to be really mindful of doing anything that can set these contractions off again.

I didn’t quite think I would be in such a situation again. I was hospitalised the last pregnancy in the third trimester too.

Like, the people around me at work all seemed to have a rather easy and smooth pregnancy unlike mine. But then again, I’m the only ivf case there.

I am worried. I don’t wish to go into labour any earlier than I should. In fact, I want it to be as smooth as my first. But I guess I have to prepare myself for the worst just in case.

8 more weeks this week. I’m counting down.