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27+ weeks

*Pregnancy post warning. I don’t wish to upset anyone with pregnancy posts so I have pretty much stopped updating posts with the ‘ivf’ tag.

It has been quite a number of months and I have had quite an ordeal to go through in the past few months. I have started work full time and it has been keeping me really well occupied. Some days it had been really tough though. My pregnancy has not been an easy one with the vomiting and nausea unfortunately. This resulted in me taking quite a few sick days at work. And there was once I had to throw up right outside a classroom of kids. ughh.

Thankfully the nausea has eased off and now I am eating well. I have even gained weight though it was 3 kg in a month and was doctor was a little concerned. I am still skinny all over though and it looks like the baby and my tummy are the ones having all that weight. This week, the baby should weigh 1 kg I think.

So at 20 weeks, we had a huge scare at the detailed fetal scan when we were told that the one of the baby’s foot appeared to be somewhat deformed. =( We were really depressed that entire week where we had to go in for multiple scans to keep checking the baby’s foot. It came to a point where we had to even discuss termination – because we didn’t want the child to walk with a limp or a prosthetic or be affected his whole life. I had to go through a termination briefing and went through a complete meltdown. Later that day, the baby was kicking the whole time as though he was telling us to reconsider termination or something.  I hope no one has to go through anything like this. ‘

We had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon the next day who fortunately had better news for us. He gave us assurance that the child will not walk with a limp since his limbs are of the same length and that it might just be a club foot that could be corrected after birth. My gynae though was not too optimistic – he still isn’t. The surgeon said that the child  can live a perfectly normal life especially when he has no other serious defects. We were quite thankful for this perspective because no one was able to tell us how serious the deformity was for sure.

We have finally accepted that this can be fixed though my gynae is still annoyingly pessimistic about it and this still worries me. But the subsequent scans show that the foot seems to be bent though not quite like a club foot. So we really don’t know what we are dealing with here and all our hopes are with the orthopedic specialist. The foot is also slightly behind the other in terms of growth by about 7mm.

I just hope that the baby doesn’t have to go through any kind of ordeal after birth. It just isn’t fair to him. Of course I hope that the foot will somehow correct itself in the womb but we are prepared to deal with the issue after his birth.

So yea, after that horrid episode, my hubby and I started to buy baby items. The bigger items like baby cots, bath and changing stations etc. I didn’t think I would get so many items so soon but that episode affected us so much that we have gotten more determined to give the best for the child. I don’t know if that makes sense but yea. We will get the remainder of stuff closer to the due date.

We have successfully made it to 27 weeks now and hit the third trimester. The baby’s kicks are stronger and take my breath away at times. It can be quite uncomfortable too – the punches, kicks and twisting and turning. I have felt his head a few times – it appears as a small bump in the belly. It is quite an experience though!  He is a very active baby. He  wakes up when my alarm goes off in the morning for work and gives me a few kicks as though to tell me to stop snoozing away. haha.

There is good growth in the baby and I am happy with that. I just need his foot to be alright as well. And I hope we wont have to put him through any kind of unnecessary suffering after his birth. Our families are praying for him and we have to be strong and optimistic for his sake.

Yep! That’s all the update I have for these past few months. I’ll be having the glucose tolerance test in 2 weeks and another specialist scan in 4 weeks to check the baby’s foot again. It has been harder to get up from the bed or from a sitting or sleeping position. My legs also ache more easily now – even after a short walk and I get tired really easily and walk ,ore slowly than before. Hubby and I also talk to the baby every night when he is the most active 🙂 It is amazing how he can respond to touches and prods while still being inside the womb.

Oh and the Zika virus is another thing that has been bothering me. There are just so many threats out there. So now I am wearing leggings to cover my legs and mosquito repellent lotion to prevent any bites whenever I go out or go to work. I cant wait to give birth – it feels like I can protect the baby better after he is out.

Okay, I am gonna have a quick nap before lunch time comes and possibly go out for a little shopping! 🙂