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12 week update!

So today we’ve had the NT test done and it’s all clear.  Had 5 tubes of blood drawn for the Panorama test and for another standard test. 

The Ultrasound tech said she suspects we might be having a boy, during the rather thorough scan.  She also identified the different body parts of the baby. But we’ll know the gender of the baby from the results of the Panorama test in another 2 weeks anyway!

And my gynae found a dark spot at the end of the placenta and said that it resembled a blood clot. He said he’s not sure about what it might be but that the placenta is stable.

He has also reduced my ivf meds (YAY!) to once a day of everything. I can stop folic acid. But now I’ve supplements to add on.  Hehe but I’ve been prescribed the kids version of the supplements and I’m happy with that!

And most importantly, my anti nausea meds have been switched to another one now and I’m PRAYING these work.  I’ve lost more weight. Though baby’s growth is on target. 

So ivf meds – duphaston, progynova & crinone until week 14 and I stop them all. 

Last night I was suffering from cramps from constipation, and nausea.  I spent half the time in and near the toilet. Sigh. So there was no sleep for me. 

My next appointment is in a month’s time at 16 weeks.  That’s like quite a long wait. Hopefully things really stabilise by then.

For now, my immediate goal is to have a proper lunch without throwing up or feeling queasy.


TMI warning

Eeurghhh. I think I might be leaking colostrum or something? Like so soon????? I’m still a day away from 12 wks!

It’s gonna be so embarrassing to ask my gynae about this tomorrow.  This flaky white stuff. Ughhhhh.  Like I’m so NOT ready for this yet.  I need the nausea and vomiting to stop first before I can handle anything else.

Believe it or not but I’ve been really truly hibernating. I’ve been so desperate to avoid nausea and stomach aches that I’ve resorted to sleeping for relief.  And I’m afraid to eat. I try to have food during the few times I feel more stable. At other times I’m relying on ribena. I don’t think my poor stomach can withstand anything else.

I think I’ve lost weight.  I haven’t weighed myself but will do so at the doctor’s tomorrow anyway.

Gonna try and see if the doc can stop the ivf meds sooner than at 14 wks. I somehow feel that I might have an overdose of hormones and meds at work. But who am I to say this right? But I’ll try the negotiation either way.  I daresay that the nausea and sickness is aggravated by the hormonal meds – this is what my GP says too.

I’ve been reading many blog posts recently.  There’s one thing in common with everyone which I can’t seem to quite identify in myself yet – the strong yearning to be a mother.

I think this feeling would have come naturally at a later age for me. For now I think I will experience it once the baby is born or once I can feel some kind of connection to it. 

We decided to take the ivf route cos trying naturally didn’t work for 5 years.  I mean this signals that we do have fertility issues that require medical intervention.  And I didn’t know how many cycles and attempts it would take to fall pregnant either and the ticking bio clock isn’t on my side either. Plus the threat of the recurring fibroids.

I just didn’t want to wait until I desperately wanted to be a mother.  And I didn’t want to try ivf at a later age when I might have more issues with egg quality or lining or fibroids.

But I’m glad we made the sacrifices we made to get here. I’ve put my career on hold for this with my husband bearing all of our financial load on top of taking care of me. 

I hope these women get the fullest support of their husbands and get their wish to become parents fulfilled soon.

I’m getting drowsy from the anti nausea med so I’ve to go nap now…

Stomach woes

The IVF meds are really really making me miserable. I’ve been ordered to continue them till 14 weeks by my gynae while my specialist had said that I could stop them at 12 weeks.  My gynae wants to play safe with ivf pregnancies.  Sigh.

The frequency of throwing up has gone down a little. But I had some blood come up which sent me panicking. And my stomach was hurting.  Still is.  So I’ve been prescribed the antacid again. My stomach lining has been so irritated with all the vomiting and the bile coming up that now I’m having bits of blood coming up as well.

You would think going through ivf is the most difficult part of it all.  At least that’s what I thought. Pregnancy is worse.  And sustaining the pregnancy is another game altogether.

Been tossing and turning no thanks to the aching stomach. I really hope this is temporary. I feel like it’s really getting to my threshold.

Perhaps things will get better once I stop the ivf meds – the progynova, duphaston and crinone.  I’ve to be on aspirin till 32 weeks though – this is part of the ivf protocol.

3 more days to 12 weeks and the NT scan and panorama test.

I wish I wasn’t whining so much and was happier during the pregnancy.  I didn’t imagine it to be like this frankly.  But everything is just so overshadowed by feeling sick every day – and I’m afraid to go out anywhere.  

Ughhhhh. I hope this passes.  I really do. 

10.5 week update

So I’ve lost a bit of weight.  Thanks to feeling sick and nauseous all the time. 

But baby is doing great, thankfully.  It measures 2 days ahead and was moving on the ultrasound. It was stretching so the measurements were a little tough to get.  It measures at 4.3 cm. The due date also changed from the initial 10 dec to 5 Dec and then 7 Dec.  Right now the margin of error is +/- 1 week.

So because of the myomectomy procedure I had 4 years ago where they had to make a huge cut on my abdomen, I can only have a c-section for the delivery.  Which also means that I’ll be delivering earlier at 38 weeks.  So that’s like end November I think.

My next appointment is in 10 days where I’ll be going for the NT (nuchal translucency) test for down syndrome etc and a more advanced blood test called panorama where they check the baby’s dna for any issues. I will be 12 weeks in ten days.  And will probably have another scan and this is when my maternity package will start.

This also means forking out more $$$. We’ll be spending almost 2k on these tests.

My gynae said I can afford to not have the final PIO shot! Woohoo! I mean I’m just 1 more week to week 12 so they can spare me that one shot right? But he wants me to continue oral meds and crinone till 14 weeks to play safe. No negotiations on that one. 

I want a pain-free delivery.  No.  I’m not one of those crazy people who want an all natural birth where they can go through all of the pain.   

For now, I just want the morning sickness to disappear already. 

Take care everyone!


The worrying will just never cease I guess.

The first imported zika virus has been reported in Singapore.  I’m not going to take chances with this. I’ve been smothering myself in mosquito repellent whenever I go out these few days.  And wearing repellent patches.

I recently told a friend that I had undergone ivf and it looks like she is having some fertility issues as well. We had a good chat on these fertility treatments and she seems to have a plan of attack ready. I guess it helps to know someone who had gone though these things and could tell you what to expect exactly.  I didn’t quite have that when we embarked on our ivf journey.

Finances.  We have chalked up quite a bit of expenses thanks to the 2 hospital stays. I don’t know if insurance is going to cover at all as here they don’t cover anything that is pregnancy related.

And there is the $1000 plus Panorama dna test to pay for and the maternity package. I hope I’m not getting anymore Crinone – that stuff is expensive and yucky too.

Tomorrow it’ll be 10.5 wks.  I’ll be going to see my gynae after almost a year with my ivf specialist. I haven’t been feeling anything in my tummy – I guess it’s too early too. Been terribly bloated, constipated and feeling nauseous (what’s new right? ). Still waiting for the nausea to subside fully.  It comes on when I don’t expect it at all. I also found that ribena stops the nausea – for now that is.  I don’t know how long this trick will last for. 

I’ve stayed home most days because I’m too sick to go anywhere. Like I just don’t know when I’ll go from feeling fine to throwing up the next instant.

Been worried about the next scan tomorrow.  I think it’s going to be like this – the constant worrying about the baby’s development until the next scan.  The scans are 2 weeks apart.

I know purplepumps and AKL are going through quite an ordeal now. I hope they recover and have lots of rest before they are ready for their next move or attempt. Just remember that you are not alone. Lots of hugs and love to you gals.