I took a digital 1 day earlier than the last time and YES I got my 3+ weeks! So this hopefully means the doubling time is right on track? 

I’m hoping this means we will get to see the baby’s or babies ‘ heartbeat(s) next Friday!

I said ‘babies’ because we found out on our bill that assisted hatching was done on the embryo.  I mean.  We weren’t told that that procedure was performed on the embryo at all.  I wonder why they had to do that on a 5AA embryo.  I didn’t see this reflected in the bill for my son before.  Hmmm. 

Well. With ivf, we have to be ready for any kind of shock or surprise I guess.  The previous time my nurse said I was sure to be carrying identicals due to the sky high hcg levels – I had 1 healthy baby boy.  This time round she said the hcg level is in the normal range and hence it’s likely to be a singleton girl. 

The time taken to get the 3+ on the clearblue appears to be the same though.  Hmmm. 

What’s different this time round?  I had a few mild bouts of uneasiness and heartburn and that’s it – no nausea (hopefully NOT AT ALL). I still have cramps when I sleep.   No bleeding (thankfully). I’m hoping this will be a waaay more pleasant pregnancy compared to last year.  

I think my career has taken quite a significant hit. But I  do think it’s a necessary sacrifice. I can always rebuild my career later when my lids are more independent.  Now, I want to be able to spend as much quality time with my son and build my family.  So I am leaning on my husband to succeed in his career – I want him to be successful no matter what but it must seems more crucial now that mine is taking a hit.  

I have to admit that I feel a little upset about this but I also feel that I’ve to get my priorities right. We’ve gone through so much to build our family and that needs to be our priority. I just don’t want to take that for granted at all.  
So yes. I’ve to keep reminding myself of this whenever I feel like I’m getting behind at work.  



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