Can’t shake this off

I can’t stop feeling annoyed and bitter that my sil named her accidentally conceived son with a name that’s way too similar sounding to my son’s name. I just wished I had been more straightforward and ignored my husband’s concerns in confronting her when they were choosing names. So now whenever we go over to my mil place for lunch and my sil and family are around too, there’s a confusing with names. It’s really really frustrating. It is some consolation that we don’t go over too often – just once a week or once in 2 weeks. But I’m hoping that they can sense my annoyance and unhappiness. My mil keeps telling my sil in the midst of everyone that she should have chosen a different name. I’ve corrected her a few times when she used the other boy’s name on my son. Very very annoying. So she’s more careful now.

I don’t know when this unhappiness is going to reveal itself in a nasty or unpleasant manner. I think it’s just a matter of time before I snap when something happens. And I know that I will have less restraint. I think I’ve tolerated enough.

My husband and I have decided to use a short form of my sil’s son’s name. I refuse to use the full form. My son doesn’t deserve this confusion.

This could have been so much easier had we cleared the air right at the start without holding back. And I’ve been chiding my husband fairly often about this.

So this crap shouldn’t repeat itself for the second baby now. And I’ve certainly more sense than to name my child with a name that’s too similar sounding to another child in the family. I was already damn annoyed with her when she announced that she got pregnant accidentally with her 3rd – and there’s a 7 year gap between the second and the new one. Like wth man. And we had just managed to conceive then. What horrid timing. Pfffft.

Okay. So now. I have to deal with this crap as diplomatically as possible. And I won’t be sorry if I can’t be diplomatic about it – if such a circumstance comes about, that is.

I’ll be watching my final movie at the theatre later in the evening before I deliver this baby girl in a few days time. I’m hoping that puts me in a more positive mood. We still have a few more things to do before the baby arrives and I need to remind my husband to complete those tasks.

Not looking forward to the surgery and recovery. But looking forward to the baby being out. 😁 meanwhile, I’ve been able to spend quality time with my darling toddler, so I’m happy with that. I don’t know how I’m going to feel about my second one when all my attention etc has been focused solely on my first for these 18 months. It’ll be quite interesting to find out!


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