Monthly Archives: November 2015

Goodbye IUI. Hello IVF.

Looks like I am becoming good friends with Failure.

The 2nd IUI failed. It started well with many eggs developing but the moment the gynae had to reduce the dosage to just coax a few to grow, everything went downhill. Nothing grew. No eggs. Nada. So it was a cancelled cycle. $2000 down the drain.

We have finally made the decision following that cycle to just go for IVF since we can have no restrictions on the number of eggs we can grow. I had always said that I would never attempt IVF. Sigh. Sucks. There is really no way out. I had to apply for 6 months of no pay leave. Really disruptive to my life. And I will have no spending power. No income. Haiz.

This month is supposed to be a natural cycle but the gonal-f has nicely screwed up everything for me. My eggs aren’t growing. Had a weird mid-cycle bleed. And the doc has said that I would most likely not ovulate this cycle. Next month I’ll be on birth control pills for 3 weeks. And then the injections of Gonal-F, centroide (I think) and HCG will begin. Injections galore. Yippee. And then I get to look forward to a surgery (egg retrieval) and then end off with an IUI-type transfer.

We are hoping to start on renovations for my mom’s house. And I need to somehow keep myself meaningfully occupied. And the IVF cycle is gonna cost a bomb too. I hope my follicles will cooperate. And I have to become best friends with needles and jabs.

Sucks. I never imagined my life to be like this. Never once. 😦