Monthly Archives: January 2018

18 weeks this week!

And 2 more weeks to the dreaded detailed scan. We still can’t determine the gender yet but it might just be a girl I think? I quite wanted another boy so that I may be motivated to have another one in the hopes of that being a girl. If my current is a girl then I don’t know if I’d be willing to go through another transfer and pregnancy.

I think I can get along with boys much better than girls too? Especially with my students? Haha. But I definitely want both. And I think being an only girl is a privilege. I am the only girl in my family and I didn’t have to share any of my things with another girl!

Most importantly, I need the baby to be healthy and happy. So far everything’s been on track. I’m just worried about the detailed scan. Especially after the scare we had the last pregnancy.

It’s so enjoyable being able to spend time with my 1 year old. But I hate it that my all day sickness gets in my way now and then.

I’m feeling more tired. My bump looks bigger than my previous pregnancy which has invited comments like I look further along than I really am. My GP even asked if I was expecting twins.

I can’t wait to deliver! I think it’s so much better to have the baby out haha..

Well that’s all the update I have for now!