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6 more days to go!

Meanwhile, baby’s kicks and punches are getting stronger. It’s almost as if he can’t wait to get out as well.  I think he’s still in breech position and this has made my heartburn worse at night.  I’m still throwing up acid now and then and I’ve desperately turned to gaviscon for some relief.  That seems to work for now.  I hope it works until I deliver though – another 6 days and then I shouldn’t have this issue yes? And quite  frankly my insides feel bruised with all his stretching, kicking and punching.  

I had my second serving of durians yesterday. Will have my third and final serving today. We have planned to go for a hotel buffet tomorrow for lunch.  Hopefully I can stuff myself with food as much as possible.  lol. 

I hope the baby puts on the expected amount of weight by Monday. That’ll be my final appointment with my gynae and I’ll be having the pre admission stuff to do.  Either way he can put on weight once he’s out too right? He’s not too far off either. 

The hospital bag is finally fully packed and ready.  Everything else is ready for baby’s arrival too. 

I’m counting down the days!


Sleepless, breathless nights

I’m counting down the days to D-day. I have another 9 more days before I can have some relief. 

I had my second last gynae appointment yesterday and I was told that the baby didn’t gain the expected amount of weight in the last 1.5 weeks. and he said that baby might be on the smaller size now.  That was really odd considering how he was warning me that the baby might become big if I kept putting on weight. And I still look and am skinny though I did put on another 1.2kg this past 1.5 week. Total weight gain now stands at 9 or 10 kg from pre pregnancy weight.

So the doctor has now given me the green light to feast on my favourite fruit – the durian.  He also told me to go on an eating spree and put on as much weight as possible in the remaining one week. 

The baby is still quite active.  I can feel him stretching, punching and having hiccups – all of which lead to sleepless nights. Breathless nights too I must add as I feel the congestion in my chest. The baby hasn’t engaged and is still in a breech position but ultimately it doesn’t matter as I’ll be having a c section anyway.  Oh and bad bad heartburn has been an issue I’ve been dealing with as well along with swollen feet and calves.

I can’t wait to deliver and have my pre pregnancy routine and body back in terms of eating well and not falling sick as easily etc. It has been an incredibly tough journey this year and I’ve been afflicted with every possible pregnancy symptom. Every one of them. I can’t believe it’s all coming to an end soon though and I really can’t wait to have the baby out.  

And I’m rooting for some of the bloggers that I’m following here. I’ve a friend and colleague who have just recently started battling the infertility crap as well.  So yes, all the best to you guys! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Soon to be 36 weeks!

That’s right. Baby will be 36 weeks in another 4 days. We have pretty much prepared for his arrival. I have about another 3 weeks before I deliver by c-section. And my nausea/vomiting has refused to cease. I am really praying and hoping my life returns to normal after delivery of this very precious baby.

We have bought pretty much everything already. And this took a hell lot of research and visiting baby fairs, walking etc etc. I have chosen to rely on theย Japanese brand of products as opposed to brands like Huggies, Pampers etc. So the diapers I have bought are the Goo.N brand and I have gotten the Pigeon brand of bath stuff etc. Bottles and sanitiser are the Avent Philips brand. We have bought 2 playpens and 2 baby cots. The cots will be delivered at the end of this week. Why 2 you may ask? haha. One set at mom’s place and another set at my place. We will most likely be bringing the baby back to our place on weekends – partly so that we will know how to handle the baby alone without my mom’s help – after the first month. Otherwise, we will be staying at my parents’ place mostly. And when I return to work, my mom will be the main caregiver.

I feel rather nervous. WE have yet to finish packing the hospital bag. Got to wash all the new baby clothes, towels and other stuff. There are just so many things to get for a baby. And I dont think this will stop anytime soon.

I recently got myself a Ju Ju Be BFF diaper bag in the Commodore design. The design and look of it is awesome but it has one major shortcoming – I feel that it is a little too small to fit everything. So right now it is quite stuffed. The other brand of diaper bag that ย had bought first from Skip Hop is more roomy and of course more affordable. So I have some regret there but I will use the jujube one first since it was double the price. hmpf.

The baby has been kicking and rolling around non stop and it is extremely uncomfortable when he punches or elbows me right at the sides of my rib cage. I dont know if he has rotated to the head down position as yet. Cant wait to find out on Thursday when I go for my next appointment. But I guess it doesnt matter anyway since it’ll be a c-section. The baby responds well to my husband’s/his father’s voice and to my touches as well. It is quite amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I would still rather him be out than in. haha.

I have realised that ICE helps me settle my stomach and nausea these few days. So I am going all out for any drink that is sweet and is full of ice. ice ice ice. Anything gassy is good as well. Anything that can help me tide over the few remaining weeks and survive them. really. I have not put on weight anywhere except my tummy ย – many people are amazed at how I remained this way. haha. You can’t tell that I am pregnant from behind – you’ll have to see me from the front to see my bulging tummy. I think being skinny and small-framed also makes it more difficult to carry the baby in the womb though. My legs and feet ache all the time.

Cant believe that it has taken a full 5 years to get to where I am now. And this didn’t come without the sufferings. The vomiting, feeling sick 247, three hospital visits, discomfort, pain, fear, anxiety – everything.

I can’t wait to feel grateful and happy when I finally get to see and hold our baby in our arms. ย ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

35 weeks!

I just can’t wait to deliver already!  The baby’s movements have gotten so much stronger and every twist and turn of his makes me jump. I’ve had sleepless nights because the baby is ultra active in the womb and there’s just no way you can sleep with all that twisting, turning and stretching happening inside you. 

I have exactly 30 days before delivery.  And 5 days after delivery we need to jump straight into treating his club foot. 

I’m nervous about the c section and the clubfoot issue. But hey, baby’s gotta be out either way.  

We have half packed our hospital bag. We’ll have to finish packing that and just have it put aside. 

I’ve got 11 more days of work which I can’t wait to get over and done with.  And then I just want to nest at home.  

Okay.  that’s all the update I have for now.  my nausea has ceased for now and I’m hoping it remains that way.