Monthly Archives: October 2016

32 weeks

*Pregnancy post alert. So please don’t read if you don’t wish to*
Yep.  I’m finally at 32 weeks but this happened with one more episode of hospitalisation. I had come down with gastritis and had been vomiting everyday for a week.  It got so bad that I had to see my gynae to ensure that my baby was alright as this also set off a series of braxton hicks contractions.

I had to be hospitalised,  put on drips and have other drugs put in through the IV. But thankfully I was there for 1.5 days. Baby is doing very well as usual.  The person who isn’t doing so well is me.. so I have been promised hospitalisation leave until delivery so I’m pretty happy with that.  There just seem to be too many external threats to dodge. There is the rising cases of gastritis at my school,  a few cases of chicken pox and zika at large. In light of all these,  I think staying home is a good idea. 

Hubby and I have been visiting baby fairs and we can’t believe how much we have to spend on baby items. And we’ve already bought almost everything in preparation for the baby.  The baby is expected to be out on 1st Dec by C section. The baby seems to be a little on the larger side. So it’s average to a little large?  

I’ve about 6.5 more wks to go.  I need to find ways to occupy myself.  Hopefully I can meet friends for lunch etc. And of course wash all the baby clothes and sort them out I guess? 

We got 2 playpens – one to be placed at my mom’s house and another at my house.  This will be stationed at the living room.  Cool stuff. 

After going through so much I’m not sure if I’ll be ready for a second transfer so soon. I’ve been encouraged to go for it without much delay by my nurse.  But I guess for now I’ll just focus on my current and stop worrying about other things. 

I can’t wait to deliver already – though the surgery etc do bother me.  I’m not a very brave person. 

So yep. That’s the update for now! 😊