One more appointment

Yep.. apparently my doctor isn’t allowed to let me be for more than a week without seeing me. I don’t quite know what that rule is about but he said that’s his duty of care. Whether I want to honour it or not is up to me. Well, I don’t have to pay anything additional and he said I won’t have to test my iron levels again, so I’ll turn up diligently for that final scan and check next Wed. My iron levels dipped a little as I hadn’t been too consistent with my supplement. So I’ve got to be a little more disciplined in this final week before the section next Friday.

So baby is head down and her face is facing my back. That is new cos my first was breech and lying sideways. But it doesn’t matter either way as she’ll be out via a c section. I’m hoping to have the same calm and controlled experience this time round. Absolutely no drama.

My son had his final vaccination as well at 18 months. And we have booked the same paediatrician for this baby too during her birth. So it’ll be another familiar face. I’ve booked the same anaesthetist as well.

I said in my last post that I won’t be buying anymore dresses for the baby and today I spent another $100 on some 7 dress rompers during a sale. Sigh. But that’s it. And there was a SALE. Who could resist that, right? πŸ™„

We’re hoping to go on a vacation in late November or early December. Really need that one. It has been a really challenging year.

Yep that’s it for now! 1 week to go before the baby girl arrives!


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