One more day to baby!

Yes and we’re still not entirely prepared for her arrival. There are still some chores to do and suddenly it seems like everything is rushed.

I had my final gynae appointment yesterday. Baby is head down but not engaged. I have been having sharp pains all over my tummy and the baby’s movements do hurt quite a bit especially when she kicks into my ribcage. My doctor has ordered 1 pint of blood to be on standby in case I need the transfusion. And we have settled the pre admission procedures and paperwork in advance of tomorrow.

My c section is scheduled at 730am. I’ve got to be at the hospital by latest 530am. Which means we’ve to leave the house at 445am?? Thankfully the hospital is nearby so the journey should be quick at these unearthly hours.

I can’t imagine having another baby besides my beloved toddler. It’s going to be a lot of figuring out and a mix of emotions I guess. I wonder how my little one will react to his sister too.

I’m hoping everything goes smoothly and I won’t need the blood transfusion. I can’t wait to get my body and health back – pregnancy has not been too kind to me.

Okay that’s all for now! 😁


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  1. ahhhhh good luck!!!!!! 🙂

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