Embryo grades

Our remaining 6 embryos’ storage expires in Jan next year so hubby and I were planning to extend the storage to another year.   And then I decided to ask the embryologist for the exact grades of all my embryos. Previously we were given a document with pictures of the 8 blasts and they were just labelled as being ‘very good’ poor ‘average ‘. So I wanted the exact grade which consists of a number and 2 letters.  The number refers to size of the embryo and ranges from 1 to 6. 6 refers to a fully hatched blast, 5 refers to a hatching blast and so on.  The letters beside the number refer to the grade of the fetal cell and placenta respectively. I got all of this info from a friend and my hubby (from dr google). 

So the 2 that were transferred (one of which is my 10.5 month old son) were a 5AA grade.  Both were hatching at the time of transfer.  The rest were 3AA, 3AA, 4BB, 3BB, 3BB, 3BB.

Interesting stuff. Well 1 more day to the blood test!  I’m gonna pee on another digital test tomorrow morning. 


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  1. Thatโ€™s really interesting- is the grading going to make a difference for u keeping them another year? Did the embryologist give any indication as to how likely a 5AA is to implant vs a 3BB for example? I guess they have already made the call that they are all worth keeping by the fact that they made the freeze…. hmm interesting


    • Well I’m not sure if I’m done south having kids yet so we intend to extend on a yearly basis until we’re sure that were done. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think it’s probably more likely for a higher grade embryo to implant more successfully given that the womb quality is also good. I guess that’s why they transfer the top grades first?


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