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Baby must-haves! (Singapore)

I am just gonna share a list of baby-product-must-haves in this post. Some brands or items will be more relevant to Singaporeans. And some brands are only available overseas (gotta ship from the US). And frankly, don’t bother buying supplies at baby fairs.  Just order them online and have them delivered to you.  Saves money, the hassle of traveling and lugging them all back.  Fairs are only good for stuff like baby cots, strollers etc – not baby supplies. That’s what I have come to learn at least!
1. DIAPERS – I tried the Japanese brand of diapers called ‘Goo.n’ and it just didn’t work.  It didn’t quite fit my baby right and we had a number of leaks with these diapers. I quite liked Mamypoko- it didn’t feel too thin like Goon. In the end I settled with Huggies Platinum diapers.  Works perfectly. BUT only with the best ever diaper balm.

2. Angel Baby Bottom Balm- The best ever.  Really.  My baby initially had some diaper rash and Desitin failed to work.  I applied the angel baby bottom balm generously and the red spots on his bum disappeared. And he’s not had any more diaper rashes ever since. I apply this generously on his bum before putting on a new diaper each time.

3. WIPES – PIGEON moisturising cloths and PIGEON water wipes. I use 2 types of wipes for my baby.  The water wipes to clean him after removing a pee diaper and the moisturising cloths to wipe him after a poo diaper. The moisturising cloths have lanolin lotion in them and are thicker in texture – much easier to clean off the poo and is gentle on the baby’s skin too!

4. WIPES DISPENSER- OXO TOT – This awesome dispenser CAN keep your wet wipes moist and not dry them out (especially when you use them out of the packet). You can’t buy this in Singapore – got to ship from the US ( I got them from qoo10). It is also able to dispense 1 sheet at a time but I think it differs with wipes of other brands (some wipes are too thin or smaller in size).  It works perfect with the pigeon wipes.

5. TOMMEE TIPPEE SANGENIC NAPPY DISPOSAL BIN – We can’t do without this. We have stocked up on loads of the refill cassettes. This bin seals the smell of the dirty nappies in. We empty the bin everyday, if not, every 2 days.

This is what the bin looks like. You can watch a video on youtube on how this works. Easy stuff.

6. MAMAROO – We were rather skeptical of this at first and bought a normal swing but the baby didn’t like it. The motion of a normal/traditional swing was just too jerky and not smooth. We decided to try the mamaroo after 3 weeks of our baby’s birth and it worked! Now, we place him in the mamaroo when he’s sleepy and he sleeps for longer without waking up. Cool stuff. I have 2 units of this – one at my mom’s house and another at mine. Yes, I know. It’s crazy especially given its price tag but hey, I can use them for my future kids too!

7. TINY LOVE SOOTHE ‘N GROOVE – This particular mobile keeps my baby entertained for ages! Or until he gets tired and screams for milk. It’s got many melodies and there’s just no way the baby can get bored of this!

8. PIGEON NEWBORN PURE – I use this line of baby wash, shampoo and lotion. It is a premium range and you can get them cheaper at the fairs. We will switch to the more affordable version after the baby turns 1 or so I guess.

9. PIGEON MILK BOTTLES – We actually bought the Philips Avent ones and they just simply didn’t work. The teats seem to be of poor quality and the milk flows in a stream when the bottle is held upside down. We switched to the pigeon bottles and we had no issues thereafter. The milk is ‘dispensed’ only when the baby sucks on the teat. And we traded in all the Philips bottles at a baby fair and got the Pigeon ones at a cheaper price! So do keep the bottles – you can trade them in for new ones when your next baby comes! Or when you have to upgrade to a bigger bottle! We like the Philips Avent steriliser though – that is easy to use and sterilises the bottles etc within 6 mins.

10. BITTATO LIDS – These do work! I love them! I bought these from Qoo10 and they help to lock in the moisture in my wipes. I got them in 2 sizes – smaller ones for the travel wipes and the bigger ones for the bigger wipes. I use the Pigeon Hand and Mouth Wipes and Anti-bacterial wipes in their packets (not in the dispenser) and these lids prevent the wipes from drying out.

11. SKIPHOP FORMA PACK & GO DIAPER BAG – I bought the JUJUBE BFF diaper bag after reading about it and fell for all the hype. It was such a stupid thing to do. The bag was simply too small and did not fit in all the stuff I wanted to carry. Plus it was difficult to take out stuff as well. The skiphop bag is a lifesaver. Functionality over looks. anytime.

12. SKIPHOP PRONTO CHANGING STATION – This changing station is good because it allows you to stash the diapers, balm, etc. all in one pouch. When I have to change baby outside, I just take this out to place on the changing table.

13. CARTER’S – I love love love the clothes from Carter’s. We made the mistake of buying many 2-piece clothes for the baby i.e. shorts/pants and tees. And it didn’t take us long to realise that this didn’t work. The tees keep riding up the baby and it became really frustrating to keep pulling them down. The onesies/rompers were the only clothes that worked/still work. I guess we’ll just stick to onesies until he turns 1 and then we’ll switch him to tees and shorts/pants.

14. BABY CARRIER – This is a MUST HAVE. The baby MAY hate it initially but you have to get the baby to get used to it. Life is SO MUCH easier with a baby carrier. I have 2 now and hopefully I won’t go all crazy and buy more just for the prints! πŸ™‚ We use the Chimparoo Trek. We wanted to get a Tula but a friend told me that the newborn insert (which you’ll have to purchase separately) gets too warm for the baby. We came across the Chimparoo at a baby fair and settled for that! The seller even gave us a 1 to 1 coaching session at her house on how to use the carrier properly. Not too difficult!

15. DIAPER ORGANISER – I got this Dex Baby Diaper organiser on qoo10 and it is a really useful item. The velcro on it is really strong and you can attach it to the baby cot. A must-have!

16. CLEVAMAMA CLEVACUSHION – I bought a cheaper version at a baby fair and realised how useful this is. You can feed the baby on this cushion rather comfortably. My baby loves lounging on this cushion on the sofa and we feed him on it as well. You can also place the baby on this cushion and co-sleep with the baby – we only started doing this recently for naps.

17. A handheld FAN – This comes in really handy whenever we get stuck in a stuffy place (I make it a point to bring it to the temple especially since it is not an air-conditioned place). We bought the chargeable USB fan and have it in our diaper bag. Just got to make sure that it is charged and ready to go! Got this on Qoo10.

18. ZOLI NAIL TRIMMER – I used this nail trimmer to file down baby’s nails when he was a newborn. And then when his nails got longer, it was not so easy to use this nail trimmer as it took a rather long time. So now, I cut his nails with a NUBY nail cutter (do this when baby is sleeping and have a firm grip on the finger that you are working on) and then file down the any sharp/jagged edges with the Zoli nail trimmer.

19. Baby Cotton Buds – There are 2 types that I have. One to clean baby’s ears – which is a larger rounded type and a the thinner stalks which can be used to clean the baby’s nose (to remove the boogers – ONLY to be done when baby is sleeping and to have a firm hand(s) on baby’s hands and head). We were told not to use cotton buds to clean baby’s nose but were shown otherwise by our paediatrician. It is important to ensure that baby’s nose is clear so that he is able to breathe properly and comfortably.

The fatter type which prevents you from accidentally pushing the bud into the ear canal.

20. NUK ORAL WIPES – It is a must to wipe baby’s tongue after every feed or after every few feeds (or as much as possible). We didn’t quite do this regularly and our baby developed oral thrush. Not a big issue – it went away after using the oral thrush medication. But yep, it’s good to get some of these so that you can safely wipe the baby’s tongue. These are sterile and packed individually.

21. BABY GYM – FISHER-PRICE CAR GYM – We got this for our baby and the best part is it has got really upbeat music with lots of toys for the baby to grab onto. Our baby loves this! You can read up more on this if you like! It can be adjusted to 3 positions and grows with the baby.

Okay. I have rushed through some of the main baby items I use (as far as I can remember). Don’t quite have the time to blog leisurely anymore! I hope this helps especially if you’re living in Singapore! πŸ™‚



Going mad over HPTs!

So I have been really keen on finishing up all the pee sticks so that I won’t be able to test anymore and then I would have to just force myself to wait for the ultrasound on 18 April (a week away but in reality seems like an eternity).

Here is a recap:

>>On 8dp5dt I had my first digial which said I was 2 to 3 weeks pregnant.
>>ThenΒ I took another digital the next day on 9dp5dt, which said the same.
>>On 10dp5dt, I took a line test and the line was lighter than control but very visible.
>>On 11dp5dt, I had my first and only blood draw and got a hcg level of 978.
>>Then I took a digital on 13dp5dt, and still received 2-3 weeks. I wanted to see it transition to 3wks but I guess it was too soon. For Clearblue to give 3+ weeks I think the hcg in the urine has to exceed 2000. And of course, hcg in pee will not be as accurate as the hcg in blood.
>> The next day, on 14dp5dtΒ I took a line test again, and the test line was as dark as the control! The darkest I have ever seen!
>> On 16dp5dt, I took another line test and same thing. Test line was as dark as control.
>> Finally, on 17dp5dt, which was yesterday, Sat 9 April, I took a Clearblue digital hoping to get 3+ weeks and I DID!! =D

So I hope that is a good sign of hcg levels rising?

I have been plagued with nausea that comes and goes and I really am not sure if it is related to pregnancy or indigestion?? But I realise that I feel better once I eat something. So I have to eat something everytime I feel hunger pangs which seem to comeΒ more frequently. hmmm.

I have also been having specific poking pains on my right lower side now, near the hip bone but a little lower. Been feeling really gassy as well and been burping quite a lot (reason why I suspect indigestion is the culprit).

So I have also been peeing on ovulation test sticks (the Clearblue digital ones) since I have some excess sticks. I have been getting smileys on them and the test line is much much bolder than the control line on the sticks.

I know. I am just using up whatever I have left. Not buying any new ones. =P

The dreaded PIO shot which left me really miserable and limping last week is due again tomorrow. Hubby and I are going for that one in the evening and I am praying the same nurses who made this injection much more bearable and less painful before will be there again.

It has been great to see more BFP posts recently! More people overcoming these horrid fertility struggles. πŸ™‚ I hope the same happens for the rest of us deserving onesΒ out there as soon as possible! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Beta is IN!!

So by right I was supposed to go in tomorrow for my first beta but because I had a shortage of medication, I had to go down to the hospital and my nurse suggested that I could have my blood test taken today and that she will update me immediately once the results are emailed to her.

I love how my nurse and Gynae are so caring and concerned about everything and how attentive they are to all these details even though it is a Sunday today. 😊

Today is it 11dp5dt and my HCG level is a whopping 978! I was expecting something over 100!! So as of today I am 4weeks 2 days pregnant!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

We had transferred a single blast by the way.

I am still worried about ectopic etc issues but my nurse said I should be happy for now. We will only be able to have our scan in another 2 weeks time to get a proper visual confirmation.

Until then I will have to continue PIO shots once weekly for 12 weeks and take the other medications as well.


The mighty digital…

Said 2-3 weeks PREGNANT! Like wow! I’ve NEVER seen any of those words on a digital the past 5 years before!!!

Today it is 8dp5dt. So the embryo is 13 days old. Really cool stuff!

I still have some pinching or cramping sensations on my left mostly but not as bad as before.

I have 1 more digital and had actually ordered a cheaper digital pack online because I had anticipated negative results. My Husband wants to look at line results instead. Lol. I Guess he’s more used to reading lines. So I think he will get me line tests to try.

So yep! 3 more days to the blood test!

All this is so SO new to me that I can’t believe this much has happened! Like, I’m still in disbelief! I mean, my first try at all things conception had always failed.

So now I think the next things to worry about are where the embryo had implanted (hopefully at a favourable place) and sustaining the growth of the pregnancy.


Another faint Bfp

Yesh. I had to finish peeing on whatever sticks I had waiting for me so I took my final line stick this morning, which is a clearblue plus.

This was the same brand I took the first time I saw the Bfp. Today’s Bfp came up in seconds as well. The vertical line was blue and of the same thickness as the control line though still faint. This test just doesn’t show lines as clearly as the pink dye tests. I’ve tried both. Or maybe my HCG levels aren’t high enough or something.

I mean it has to be HCG that it is picking up right? Lol.

Tomorrow I think I will whip out the all mighty digital. The ones that have shown me ‘NOT pregnant’ several times before and discouraged me from using them again as they made me feel incredibly stupid and disappointed.

I am mentally prepared, nonetheless, to receive the same words again. I don’t know if whatever the HCG that might be in my body is sufficient to give a positive digital result.

I can’t wait for Monday’s blood test although I am terrified of needles. 4 more days to go!