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8dp5dt (warning:bfp post)

Right. So today I took out my digital to test and it went blank on me after I peed on it. Like, wth. I was so annoyed.  Got dear hubby to get me a new one and tested it with afternoon pee held for maybe 3hrs? And it showed 1 to 2 weeks. 

In my previous pregnancy on 8dp5dt, I got 2 to 3 weeks.  But I also had super unbelievably high hcg levels which led my clinic to think that I might have been expecting twins. In the end it was one very strong singleton. 

So this, nevertheless,  plunged me into worries that my hcg was not high enough etc etc negative thoughts.  My hubby said 8dp5dt is a 13 day embryo so 1-2 weeks is accurate.  I don’t know.  

My nurse asked me for updates and I showed her all the bfp photos etc and she said I could come in on Fri for the blood draw and top up all my meds. Most importantly,  extend my medical leave – my workplace is becoming a nightmare now.  
So here I am counting down to Friday,  which is another 2 days. 

My b****** are starting to get a teeny bit sore. I have quite a bit of AF style cramps especially at night,  especially after using the crinone crap. So hcg levels – high,  low, adequate? I don’t know.  I really don’t know what to make of it.  

This is the latest line test done on 7dp5dt on a FRER. I’ve 1 more digital and 1 more Watson’s brand line test before i go for the blood draw.  


The mighty digital…

Said 2-3 weeks PREGNANT! Like wow! I’ve NEVER seen any of those words on a digital the past 5 years before!!!

Today it is 8dp5dt. So the embryo is 13 days old. Really cool stuff!

I still have some pinching or cramping sensations on my left mostly but not as bad as before.

I have 1 more digital and had actually ordered a cheaper digital pack online because I had anticipated negative results. My Husband wants to look at line results instead. Lol. I Guess he’s more used to reading lines. So I think he will get me line tests to try.

So yep! 3 more days to the blood test!

All this is so SO new to me that I can’t believe this much has happened! Like, I’m still in disbelief! I mean, my first try at all things conception had always failed.

So now I think the next things to worry about are where the embryo had implanted (hopefully at a favourable place) and sustaining the growth of the pregnancy.