37 weeks tomorrow!

And my final appt with the gynae before I check in for my c section next Friday!

I quite frankly don’t know how to take this all in. I love and adore my dearest little boy so much that I wanted another boy just like him. But this time round it’s a girl and well things are just different. I’ve stocked up on romper dresses from Carter’s- I really like these and I’m going to reuse some of the more gender neutral rompers my son had worn before. I had to watch a video on how to clean poop for a girl lol. And I just learned about baby bloomers and diaper covers.

Most of my shopping is done online so I guess I’ve been spending quite a bit. But I still spent less than I did for my son I think? That’s because we have most of the items to reuse for the new baby. But I’m just holding back on the clothes – don’t want to make the same mistake of buying way too much.

I’ve to get my iron levels checked one last time tomorrow. My little one also has his final vaccination tomorrow. The hospital bag is packed. Breast pump is ready with all the replaceable parts replaced. I’m going to try and pump at the hospital if I can. I don’t know how groggy or drugged I’ll be after the section. And yes I’m hoping to do mixed feeding. I’m not going to stress myself out and just going to go with the flow. The pregnancy itself has already been a terribly stressful and worrisome one thus far.

I can’t believe this is happening already though. Life is going to be so different next weekend onwards with another tiny bundle. 😊😊😊


36 weeks completed!

Yesssss. My iron levels have gone up from a pathetic 6.8 to a fairly decent 8! I was hoping for a 7 but I was so happy to get the 8!! Doctor still wants it to go up to a 9 in 2 weeks time though..

I’m still dying with heartburn. But I guess that won’t go away till after delivery of the baby. This time round my girl is heavier than my boy. I think she might be 2.8 or 3 kg at birth? But I’ve gained less weight than before. So it looks like baby is gaining most of the weight.

My ribcage hurts from all that expansion. But I’m so grateful to be able to rest and not have to go to work.

I have one final appointment next Wednesday and then the following Friday we’ll finally have the baby in our arms! No earlier I hope!

35 weeks

I’ve survived 35 weeks! I’m hoping to hold out for another 3 weeks and not have any scares or surprises!

I’m still trying to organise all the, baby stuff in both houses – my parents’ where we’ll be staying the first month and ours where we’ll be at after the first month. We’re planning to get a domestic helper after baby arrives so that needs some space planning too.

The laundry is just getting more and more massive. A toddler’s and a baby’s laundry is going to kill us. I’m really hoping to depend on a helper to clear these kinds of jobs on a regular basis.

I’ve been throwing up now and then. Especially when there’s too much acid in my tummy. I’m organising things at a snail’s pace and have to be really careful not to strain myself too much. I still get the contractions.

I think everything else is more or less ready for baby. I just don’t know how we’re gonna manage a 1.5year old toddler and a newborn at the same time. That is going to take some strategic handling I think. Haha. And things are going to be very different this time round with a baby girl as well.

34 weeks

I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with my darling 1.5 yr old toddler at home as I’ve been signed off work till delivery. I’m happy with that. I had been guilty of not being able to spend enough time with the little one because of work and this pregnancy. But for the rest of this year I should be able to spend quality time with the 2 of them.

The little one has been chattering non stop these few months and learning new words. It’s really adorable to watch and interact. 😊😊😊

In the pregnancy department, I’m 34 weeks now and I’ve to keep the baby cooking till 38 weeks. I’ll be delivering on 22 June which will be 38 weeks and 2 days. This baby is measuring bigger than my first. My first was a small baby – he weighed 2.1kg at 37 weeks and i was told to eat more to plump him up in the final few weeks. The second one is currently 2.1kg at 34 weeks. So yep. I’m guessing she’s gonna be heavier.

I’ve been throwing up quite a bit. My gastric has been acting up and everything is going haywire. So I’ve pulled the brakes on some of the meds until the situation gets better. My blood levels are improving though a bit too slowly but I’m hoping that will not be an issue anymore. I still get contractions quite often but they are manageable I think. I also get very very sharp stitch like pains below the belly now and then and I’ve to huff and puff and wait for that to pass.

We’ve to pack the hospital bag this weekend. We’ve been meaning to do this for a while but been procrastinating. I just don’t want baby to suddenly arrive any earlier than the scheduled c section date. I’m really hoping the delivery will be a smooth and calm affair like my first.

I can’t wait to be able to eat without throwing up. I’m counting down.. 27 more days to go!

Work life is so screwed

So. My work life has been taking a huge hit ever since I had gotten pregnant with my first and now my second. Never mind that you had to go through ivf and all that shit just to conceive and go through tough pregnancies at that. I’ve been having issues at work ever since I got a new reporting officer. It’s like.. anything that can go wrong just simply goes wrong and everything seems to be working against me. I’m really upset because I do take pride in my work but I can’t help feel that I’m losing all credibility, redemption etc etc.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful and pin the blame on my pregnancies. I’m very thankful for even being able to conceive via ivf in the first place. And it has really taken its toll on me. I just feel helpless and at a loss.

I know I have to just focus on this pregnancy and having the baby healthy and out at full term. I have to tell myself that I can always pick up on my career at a later time or switch to another workplace when the opportunity comes.

I just can’t help but feel upset. I know I’m rambling already. But I just feel like I’ve lost my place at work. Lost my bearings, my morale. It’s really quite depressing to feel this way.

I guess I’ve no other choice but to trudge through these bad times. I hope I can somehow work things out when I return to work proper next year. And it’s going to be even tougher with 2 kids under 3. But I’m going on a slightly reduced workload to cope with the kids.

Family still comes first. Being a working mom is just incredibly stressful. Sigh.