I’m so so glad this pregnancy and delivery is over. It’s such a huge relief. I missed my toddler so much though this is just my second night in the hospital and he came to spend some time with us during the day. It’s a pity I can’t carry him yet but I’m going to hug and snuggle him the same.

I think I may have better milk supply this time round. We had really really good coaching from a lactation consultant who was super hands on and showed me how to go about breastfeeding and stuff. My milk supply isn’t in yet so baby’s on formula. So far it’s just colostrum. I will see what progress I’m able to make and will continue with mixed feeding as much as I can.

I’m not so comfortable with latching. Like I need to know if the baby did drink anything and how much. So I’m going to continue with expressing. I have a good pump that I haven’t fully utilised anyway.

I can’t wait to go back home in a few hours time! We need to ensure the toddler doesn’t throw things at his baby sister too. Haha. It’s going to be a hell lot of work. We’re going to stay at my parents’ place for a month or so, or until I employ a domestic helper, so there’ll be some extra help.

We’ll have to choose a name too for the baby! I’m passing that assignment to my husband. The baby had her newborn photoshoot at the hospital too. We had a brief look at her shots and they’re really adorable!

I was really annoyed that one of my colleagues shared my baby’s picture with my students on WhatsApp. I told her to remove it and she did but I think it was too late. I mean. Can’t people have more sense? And she’s as old or even older than my mom. Pffft. I mean my students aren’t malicious but she didn’t get my permission to do that.

I think hubby will have to take some of his annual leave so we can better manage things at home. And I’m dying to go on vacation at the end of the year! Can’t wait for that!!


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