A struggle..

Yes it has been a rather painful few days where I was just feeling sick and throwing up everything that I ate. My stomach was hurting from all that heaving and all I could do was sleep.. I’ve recovered somewhat today and was able to have a few good meals and keep them down. I need to get more of those nausea pills as well.

It’s tough to fully enjoy moments with my toddler when feeling sick.  Sometimes I wished I had done this later.  But I don’t know if I would have a winning streak later. So for now,  I’m doing the best I can and trying not to let the sickness get in the way.  

I desperately need a vacation away from home.  I’m hardly able to go out in peace without feeling sick or throwing up into plastic bags.  We’ve planned a staycation so hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy that.  And we’re gonna bring the little one on his first trip to the zoo this weekend.  I’m hoping the stomach cooperates.  

It’s 11 weeks and these few days I thought I could feel the baby move.  It was a familiar feeling.  I couldn’t feel it physically on my tummy – like when I place my hand over where my doctor had done the scan.  

I’m worried about starting work while being pregnant.  And I don’t like a few new colleagues who just came in.  But I won’t have to deal directly with them.  I guess I’ll just have to take things in my stride and not let the negativity bother me.  

Can’t wait to have the baby out in another 6 months!  I want a boy again so that I’ll have the motivation to try for a third (a girl hopefully). We aren’t gonna do panorama as it’s way too expensive and we’re settling for the Oscar and NT scan instead.  

On other news,  I’ve not been too happy that my SIL had chosen a name that’s too similar to my son’s. I still am not happy.  So I’m gonna keep my son farrrr away from her kids.  I think it’s just a matter of time before I express my irritation with this issue – especially when comments like how they’re similar sounding etc come up.  

Yep. Really annoying.  Pffft. 


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