10 wks 2 days scan

Went very well!  Baby’s 34.6mm long with a heart rate of 169 bpm. And the baby was punching and kicking away! I can’t believe I have another little one in there and I  can’t  feel him moving just as yet!  It’s amazing and I feel that I can appreciate all this better now after having my first one!  

I don’t know if we should do the expensive panaroma test which costs $1100 or the Oscar test which costs $700 plus. I will have to do either one of these tests by the next appt and go for the NT scan as well.  It’s all happening so fast.  

The next appt is 3 weeks away and we’ll be seeing our gynae instead of the ivf specialist.  I was supposed to see him in 2 weeks time but he’s going to be away on vacation and I don’t wish to see another doctor.  So I have postponed the appt by a week.  

I have been prescribed 2 more horrid PIO shots. But these are supposed to be the FINAL 2. And a final 2 weeks of ivf meds. I’ve already skipped quite a few doses now and then as I had been feeling sick etc. I guess I’m a bit more daring this time round.  😁 but yes I will not make this a habit. 

Okay!  That’s it for now! 


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  1. Awwww it’s so great to hear that things are going so well 🙂 It’s pretty daunting to have to think about these kind of tests so early isn’t it?!


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