Sick sick sick

Yes. I feel miserable.  At least I have not gotten myself hospitalised this time round.  I hope it doesn’t happen either.  

I have started throwing up food and meals. Can’t  keep water down.  Ribena seems to be working okay for now. I do take sips of water now and then.  No cravings just like the last pregnancy. I’m just eating anything that can help keep the food down. 

I still get horrid hunger pangs with horrid gastric acid. B****** are still terribly sore. It is 10 weeks and 1 day today and I’ve my next scan scheduled for tomorrow.  

Visited my GO today and I got myself more meds to help with the excessive stomach acid.  Dont quite know how long this will work.  

I’m dying to go on a holiday but it’s just so tough with a toddler and being pregnant. We might see if we can have a short getaway.

It has become very difficult to hide the pregnancy while looking sick and gagging often.  So quite a number already know.  I just hope everything is progressing as it should.  Every scan and visit does bring a lot of worry with it.  

Okay!  Will update tomorrow after the gynae visit! Tomorrow will be my last visit with my ivf specialist though.  I’ll be transferred to my obgy thereafter.  


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