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5dp5dt PM

I bought a Watsons brand hpt and did the test this evening and the bfp was stronger! I’m really really hoping this goes smoothly with NO or as little as possible nausea.  

Mustered the courage to have the pio shot at the hospital earlier.  The positives were enough to make me have the shot without protest.  

Going day by day now! 


3, 4 & 5 days past transfer…

I caved and took a test on 3dp5dt. And it was a stark negative on a clearblue line test..

Then I tested on 4dp5dt. And it was another negative and I started getting upset.  I quickly placed an order for a box of 3 FRER tests online and got it in time to test today at 5dp5dt. 

And I got a clear positive!  🤣🤣🤣

I had no sore b***** but had cramping from 3dpt. 

Of course.. more tests to come.  I’ll get a clearblue blue dye test and on day 8 I’ll test with the mighty digital. 

My blood draw is next Sat. And tonight I have to go down to the hospital to get the PIO shot – but at least I have a positive test to motivate me a little to go for the shot.  

I miss carrying my little 10.5 months baby.. I really do. I’m not sure when I  can resume lifting him up again.  Got to ask the doc.  

Okay.  More updates later! 

Embryo no. 2 nestled in my womb!

That’s right. I was a nervous wreck this morning before the FET. Not about the outcome but about the process. The whole operating theatre-sanitizer hospital environment, the scurrying nurses and of course, all the horrid needles.

This embryo is a hatching blastocyst with a ‘very good’ grade just like my son. I don’t know what to think of it all. It’s quite a different experience this time round. I’ve been adequately occupied with my son and I haven’t quite mulled over the FET as much as I did the first time round. In fact I was so darn busy, I had no time to think.

Of course I do pray and hope it works. I guess I will find out by the end of this week if it had worked or not. I’m on leave until next Friday and I’ll have the official blood test measuring my hcg count next Sat.

FET 2 – Game ON!

I went in for a scan today and the doctor was really pleased with my lining. it stands at 12mm thick today. Not sure about the grade. I quite thought 12mm was too thick and that the ideal thickness should be  between 8 to 10mm but he said ideally it should between 10 to 12mm. In my first FET which resulted in my now hyper-busy-son-who’s-pushing-a-stool-around-the-house-right-now, I had a lining 11mm thick.

So the transfer is scheduled on Monday and I am super nervous about it. It still hasnt sunk in – that we are really in the thick of things in an attempt to have another baby when I have one crawling around the house.

I have opted for sedation during the procedure – just like the last time round. And the horrid PIO jab will have to be administered this Sat. I have been given more pills to the existing cocktail of drugs – apirin, progynova, duphaston, crinone (ughhh), folic acid.

So the blood test for pregnancy is scheduled on 28 Oct. Of course, I will test earlier to see if it had worked or not. I have also planned for a 3rd FET if things fail to go according to plans.

So yep. That’s all the update I have for now!

FET 2 in 1+ week!

Yes, that’s right.  I’ve been having an extremely frustrating time at work with a new superior and she sucks big time. Thanks to her, I have developed a new dislike for a subject that I used to teach with a good degree of passion and interest. On the work front, things haven’t been going so well. I’m quite looking forward to dropping it all for the year and just focus on my FET 2. 

I have been injecting Lucrin daily and taking the progynova pills to build my lining. Now I’m on the final phase of 3 pills a day. I started with 1 a day, then 2 and now 3. I have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday to do a scan and see how the lining is doing.  Hopefully it doesn’t grow too quickly – I need the rest of this week to finish marking. 

The transfer is scheduled to take place after the 16th of October. It’s quite different this time around – with work and the baby – it just leaves very very little time to think about anything else and forces me to go with the flow of things – which is good too I think. I do worry but I’ve been distracted by other things.  

Yep that’s all the update I have now. The only thing or person that keeps me going is my beloved baby whenever work pisses me off. I just don’t know what I’d do without him,  really.  

Can’t wait to go on leave soon!  Oh and I’m dreading the horrid horrid PIO shots which I think my doctor will schedule when I see him this week.