7dp5dt (warning bfp post)

Another bfp on a frer with a darker line.  I’ve been testing once everyday! And tmr I’m gonna bring out the mighty digital. 

I started feeling a little nauseous yesterday.  This time round I know I’m not imagining it – after having gone through 9 months of nausea and vomiting before.  I’m praying for a nausea-free and complication – free pregnancy this time round. 

I realised that I love babies! I am, of course,  completely enamoured with my son – I can’t stop looking at him and going ‘AWW that’s so adorable’.   But I never quite had this feeling before having my son. I just feel so delighted looking at other wriggly babies wherever I go.   

Babies are such delightful ‘creatures ‘. They bring such immense joy to families.  😊😊😊 I hope those who are trying to have them in their lives will have them soon!


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  1. For me Ive recently realized that I love babies that are super brand new (like 4 weeks old and younger) and older than about 6mths old – the period in between they are pretty dull and sometimes very frustrating!!!


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