Embryo no. 2 nestled in my womb!

That’s right. I was a nervous wreck this morning before the FET. Not about the outcome but about the process. The whole operating theatre-sanitizer hospital environment, the scurrying nurses and of course, all the horrid needles.

This embryo is a hatching blastocyst with a ‘very good’ grade just like my son. I don’t know what to think of it all. It’s quite a different experience this time round. I’ve been adequately occupied with my son and I haven’t quite mulled over the FET as much as I did the first time round. In fact I was so darn busy, I had no time to think.

Of course I do pray and hope it works. I guess I will find out by the end of this week if it had worked or not. I’m on leave until next Friday and I’ll have the official blood test measuring my hcg count next Sat.


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  1. Good luck! You sound so much more relaxed about it this time! xx

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  2. Sending you positive thoughts and luck – grow strong little embie!!


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