Fet 2 underway..

Yep. Today I’ve stopped my bcp – had such horrid side effects from it.  I’m just really hyper sensitive to any kind of drug I think? And I’ve been having the Lucrin jabs for about 4 days now.  I can expect to get my period in another 3 or 4 days I guess?  And then I’ll be scheduled for another appointment  with the doctor.  

It feels so so different now to have the injections administered.  Now I’m well distracted by a screaming baby who wants our attention as his daddy gives me the jab.  I still rely on emla for a painless experience though.  

The transfer is schedule on 16 or 17 october. My preferred dates.  But if my womb lining decides to over perform (as my doctor suggested) then my transfer will take place earlier and I’ll have no choice but to dump whatever marking I may have to the relevant hods to finish up. And I’ve to be thick skinned about it.  

This time round though,  I’ve been more honest about ivf and the various horrid procedures with more people.  And they are sympathetic.  Not judgemental about why I’m not around so often etc. at work.  

I’ve been feeling extremely gassy these days.  Had a funny uti where the culture showed up nothing.  So it’s been a weird cycle.  

Okay i gtg now!  


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