and so.. I’m anemic. Sucks. The lab apparently couldn’t figure if I have an iron deficiency or thalassemia. So Husband has got to go for a blood test tomorrow.

I’ve  started the BCP already. Will have to stop that on the 24th of this month and then after I get the period, it will be time for those awful jabs and scans again. And I’m on a liquid iron supplement now – self prescribed.

It is getting harder to keep myself distracted. I’ve been really busy with throwing out old stuff and reorganising the kitchen etc. Made some really cool purchases online too which I’m happy with.

so on a normal year, I’d never want the month of holidays to end before school started. But now it looks like my wish had really come true and I’m not quite happy about that. Like I know I’m going to miss work.

on the brighter side, I actually made a sale on carousell. Cool stuff. I’m hoping I get to sell more of the stuff that I would have thrown away otherwise. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure? Though I can’t imagine ever buying second hand goods myself.

I feel cheated. All those trips, prayers, positive words predictions. Like they were all lies. It was just horrid that they had actually made me really hopeful and look where we are now.

Well, got to survive this month.




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