New things to do!?

Okay this was supposed to be a depressed post since I had gotten my period. But I have found ways to keep me occupied! 😀 So I am like dizzy happy. Will get back to this one later.

So I had my period after my cancelled IUI cycle on the 6th of November. My LH surge never happened (and usually this is not the case – I always get my surge). And then about 2 weeks later I had bleeding on the 22nd. I scheduled an appointment to check if that was ovulation bleeding but I sort of knew that it was too heavy to be ovulation bleeding which I only had once. So the doc confirmed that my eggs don’t seem to be growing and I had a few small follicles and that’s that. He said that it was highly unlikely that I would ovulate this cycle and I think he was right. My biggest follicle was 8mm and here I was hoping that it would grow and I could have a chance this cycle but no. This cycle was totally messed up thanks to dear Gonal F. pffft. So 10 days after that bleed now I have another and this should be my actual period. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be that heavy so I might be spared some misery.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to draw bloods to check my hormone levels and do other tests in preparation for the IVF in Jan. Oh and I have to get the Thalessemia test done as well. It is mandatory at this hospital so yep I couldn’t quite escape that. I just hope that I won’t faint with all these bloods being drawn all at once. It happened once before and it was a horrible experience.

So on day 7 I will be on birth control pills to ‘reset’ my system (ovaries I guess?) for about  3 weeks. The doc will be back from his vacation by then and then I will have a scan to check my ovaries and will have the injections to have fun with I guess.

I was upset that I didn’t ovulate at all. And then I decided to distract myself. I had quite a number of dresses to ‘get rid of’ but they were in such an excellent condition that it seemed like it was quite a waste to just discard them. So…. I am trying to sell them on carousell! 🙂 Awesome stuff. I am so pumped! I didn’t know there were so many people who were willing to buy second-hand goods! I still don’t know if I’d actually be able to sell anything haha. But it’s fun! And I can try to sell whatever stuff I tend to buy in excess and have a collection of. lol. It is just fun to snap photos of all these things and put up listings. 🙂 🙂 🙂 So this should keep me going for a while I guess?

We can finally start on the renovation for my parents’ place now. So since everyone else is working, it looks like I will have to oversee that project. I have no complaints about that. Another thing to keep me occupied. Plus my parents and brother will be moving into my house and staying with us until the renovation works are completed. 🙂 That should be fun. That’s like back to the days when I was single/unmarried. And my mom would be around to fuss over me. 🙂 And I will get to irritate the hell out of my brother. yay.

I am 30 years old. But I feel like I am still 20. hah!

I will also embark on project re-organisation-of-my-house.

I will miss my colleagues and my students though. But hopefully I can just stay happy, keep a tight grip on my finances and just take the jabs/scans/info in my stride as best as I can. And hopefully the journey will be as painless as possible. Painless. Please.

Right, it is 2:30am. Hubby is sound asleep. He needs to wake up at 5am to send his mom off to the airport. I just downed a glass of chocolate milk. Still don’t feel sleepy. I need to wake up at 930am.

Okay. That’s it for now!


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